MoveOn.Org Launches "$1M+" Anti-McCain Campaign today announced a month-long one-million dollar ad campaign designed to tie John McCain to President Bush on Iraq. The subject of the ad is straightforward enough, as is the response to the ad that the RNC has issued (MoveOn. Liberal group endorsed Liberal Obama for Liberal Reasons. Liberal.) The ad will air on national cable to jones up the influencers and donors, and in Iowa and New Mexico. Unless groups like MoveOn are willing to release their specific buy schedules, it pays to be a bit skeptical about the size and scope of their effort. In this case, I suspect that MoveOn will rely on contributions generated from those who approve the ad (the "right on, dude! effect) to reach their million dollar target.

THE TAG LINE of MoveOn's ad is superficially unremarkable and contextually misleading:
"100 years in Iraq? And you thought no one could be worse than George Bush." That the DNC and MoveOn and the Obama campaign have no compunction about taking John McCain's words out of context suggests to me that the battle to rectify the deliberate misinterpretation of McCain's remarks is over, no matter how times those of us with no real dog in the fight point that McCain really said something a bit different than what his opponents wanted him to say.