John McCain tries to grapple with the Battle of Basra:

“Look, I didn’t particularly like the outcome of this thing, but I am convinced that we now have a government that is governing with some effect and a military that is functioning very effectively,” Mr. McCain said of the Iraqi operation. He spoke in a taped Fox News interview that was broadcast Sunday.

If even outcomes McCain says are bad ones constitute evidence of progress in Iraq, well then of course we can't listen to Democrats' counsels of retreat and defeat. After all, an outcome McCain likes is progress and an outcome McCain doesn't like is also progress so if McCain is in the White House there will be outcomes, and irrespective of the outcome McCain will cite it as progress and evidence of the need to continue. But don't call the man a "warmonger" -- he tells us he hates war; he just likes starting 'em and continuing 'em forever which isn't at all the same thing.

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