Linda DiVall Rounds Out McCain's Polling Team

Sen. John McCain's presidential high command held a briefing this morning for about 20 beat reporters who regularly cover the campaign. I'll dump my notebook later, but a few tidbits for now:

1. Linda DiVall has joined the campaign's polling team. Bill McInturff of Public Opinion Strategies will serve as the lead pollster; DiVall and Ed Goeas will back him up. DiVall has polled for candidates across the country and was an adviser to Newt Gingrich as well as McCain friend Sen. Phil Gramm.

2. Jon Seaton, currently a regional political director for the RNC, will be the regional campaign manager for Pennsylvania and Ohio. Pennsylvania is the McCain campaign's key battleground target, and Ohio is a must-hold state for them. The confidence placed in Seaton, a battlehardened veteran of the McCain primary campaign, is immense. (The campaign staff might want to learn how to spell his first name, though: it is "Jon," and not "John," as indicated on a chart passed out to reporters.) Seaton is a veteran of the White House political shop and was executive director of the Bush-Cheney campaign in Washington state.