Is McCain Angry At Gov. Mark Sanford?

David Freddoso has sources who tell him that Sen. John McCain remains angry with S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford for not endorsing him ahead of the South Carolina primary. Thus Sanford, a tax-cutting, environmentally-conscious, spending-paring governor is no longer on McCain's short list. I've heard something a bit different. McCain was a bit angry but after a series of conversations with Sanford, has come to respect Sanford's point of view on the matter. Sanford, for a variety of reasons, promised, in public, to stay neutral. He kept his promise despite intense lobbying from McCain allies in the state. He told McCain that he did not want to reneg on his promise, and McCain, being a man who respects someone who hold fast to principles, told Sanford that he accepted the explanantion.I don't know whether Sanford is on McCain's short list or not, but I do know that Sanford and McCain are not on the outs, and that they do communicate, and that McCain's hard feelings have softened.