In The Weeds: The Politico V. The DNC, Part I

The Politico says X, the DNC says Y -- and the Politico says it's right.

Here's the crux of the dispute, per the Politico:

The DNC interpretation is that there are 186 members of the Credentials Committee and both states are seated on the standing committees, said DNC spokeswoman Stacie Paxton.

Senior advisers to the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, as well as several party rules experts with experience from prior presidential campaigns, expressed surprise when informed of the DNC s stance.

Now -- the Politico points to this DNC rule:

Standing committee members selected pursuant to a Plan found in non-compliance by the RBC shall not be included on the membership roster by the DNC Secretary nor shall those individuals be allowed to participate as members at the standing committee meeting

The Politico notes that the DNCs' interpretation ostensibly gives Hillary Clinton more of a voice on the credentials committee.

James Roosevelt, Jr., a co-chair of the party's rules committee, said last night that "[i]n accordance with DNC’s Delegate Rule 20.c.6; the Rules and Bylaws committee did not exercise its authority to deny Michigan and Florida their seats on the Standing Committees."

"Therefore at this time the number of members of the Standing committees including Credentials remains at 186. If any action is necessary, the Rules and Bylaws Committee will take action when they meet to adopt its final report to the Credentials and Rules committees prior to June 29th."