Contrary to my fears, it looks like Mike Huckabee isn't planning on detonating a nuclear weapon in a major American city. Instead, he's starting a Political Action Committee. Disappointingly, it's not called HuckaPAC or "Huck, a PAC" either of which would have been strong choices. Instead we need to put up with HuckPAC which is lame.

Meanwhile, as I remember it the big first-order problem with Mike Huckabee's presidential campaign is that even when he was surging in the polls he couldn't really raise any money. Conversely, what was so impressive about the Huckabee campaign was its ability to achieve a fair measure of success without money. A PAC, however, is just a money-raising and money-spending machine. So what's Huckabee gonna do? He still might be a decent VP pick for McCain, though.