Health Care In York

YORK, PA -- The negative has not been the subject of this much debate since the Zapruder film was analyzed by the House Select Committee on Assassinations.

Barack Obama's campaign is up with a new statewide ad in Pennsylvania on the subject of Hillary Clinton's health care plan. It's not a positive spot; it takes on the plan's individual mandates.

Here's the first line: "Hillary Clinton's attacking, but what’s she not telling you about her health care plan? It forces everyone to buy insurance even if you can't afford it,"

Clinton accused Obama of "attacking the solution." “I don’t think that we can just make speeches about this, we have to have a plan that we can actually implement that will provide quality affordable health care," he said

The Clinton campaign just held a conference call to respond to the claims in the ad, but they're more excited about its timing. Why is Obama suddenly running a contrast ad on health care? The Clinton theory is that Obama's campaign is uneasy with their candidate's standing in Pennsylvania after the debate. The Obama message -- which is essentially a characterization about Clinton -- she is negative mcnegative -- must not be resonating. (An Obama aide said that the campaign decided to run the health care ad because a pro-Clinton 527, the American Legacy Project, is running an ad that goes after Obama for failing to cover every American. Ah hah, but the Clinton campaign notes that the Obama health care ad says that it's Clinton who is distorting Obama's health care plan, not a 527. To which the Obama campaign responds that the 527 is funded with money from Clinton donors.

Here's another ad the Obama campaign has decided to run.

These two ads join several others rotating through the state in Obama's mammoth, 3000-point advertising buy.