He Got it For Cheap


Arizona developer wants to buy some land from the federal government so he calls on friends in congress including John McCain. McCain, who stands at the intersection of the developer's campaign contributions and the military-industrial complex, "assigned an aide who set up a meeting at the Pentagon and later stepped in again to help speed up the sale." When the developer "appealed to a nearby city for the right to develop other property at the former base" he "submitted Mr. McCain’s endorsement as 'a close personal friend.'"

When the deal was done, the developer netted a cool $20 million in profit.

At the end of the day, this pales in comparison to McCain catastrophically wrongheaded ideas about foreign policy on the list of reasons not to vote for him. But it's yet another story which reveals how ultimately hollow the myth of John McCain as the great man of honor who'd never have his hands anywhere near the mucky side of politics is.