Governor Clinton

Dana Goldstein and Jonathan Alter suggest that if David Patterson continues to flail, Hillary Clinton could make a run in 2010 to become governor of New York. Like Dana, I think she'd do a pretty good job in that role, and I also think I wouldn't mind having Andrew Cuomo's dreams trampled on. What's more, New York has had successes with such Clintons as Governor DeWitt Clinton in the past.

That saying, being a U.S. Senator with a safe seat is a pretty good job and actually provides an excellent platform from which for Clinton to muck around in the thorny details of policy and political negotiations. What's more, unlike most Senators, she has a celebrity status that grants her instant ability to draw attention to whatever issue she wants to draw attention to. So I'm not really sure why she would want a new gig unless she thought it put her on a clear path to the White House.