Fear the Return

In response to the bad jobs news, John McCain promises to continue George W. Bush's policies and warns that "Democrats will continue to advance their anti-growth agenda." But of course it's easy to recall, and very easy to show with a graph that job performance was much, much, much better when the Democrats were in charge.

The period of job growth under Bush was slower growth than the Clinton-era growth period. And on top of that, the Clinton years were years of basically uninterrupted job growth, whereas the Bush administration has seen two separate employment downturns. Under the circumstances, the case for continuing with Bush's policies seems like a bad idea -- indeed, as John McCain argued back in 2001, Bush's policies were a bad idea in the first place. But now McCain loves those policies and wants to continue them because, basically, all he cares about is acquiring power so he can start more wars and he's decided that the Tax Cut Gospel is his best chance.