Exit Polls: The Demographics

(These numbers courtesy of CBS News. Read more here.)

Pennsylvania Democrats expect Barack Obama will be the nominee and they like him more. But Clinton seems to have won more of their their votes. 67% of primary voters found Obama was honest and trustworthy; 54% found Clinton to be trustworthy. And 54% expect Barack Obama to be the nominee

The traditional coalitions held.

-- Clinton won women; Obama won men; Clinton won white men.

-- Late deciders went for Clinton by a ratio of about three to two

--Obama won among those with a college degree; Clinton won among those without a college degree

-- Clinton won white, blue collar men by about 30 percentage points

--Clinton won the support of those making less than 50K; she and Obama both took about 50% of the vote of those who made more than 50K.

-- 39% of the electorate says they attend church weekly; they backed Clinton by a ratio of 3 to 2.

-- A third of Pennsylvania Dems own guns; Clinton won 58% of their votes.

-- Clinton won among union households;

-- White Catholics (31% of the vote) went for Clinton by nearly 45 percentage points.