Elect Hillary or OBL Will Devour Your Children

Some Obama elements are trying to whip me into a fit of outrageous over Hillary Clinton deciding that she wants to cross the Rudy Line and enlist Osama bin Laden in her latest campaign ad:

I'm not all that outraged, really, but I think the problem with this whole line of attack -- 3AM ads, etc. -- is such a limited posture to take up. At the end of the day, if this is an election about how in uncertain times we need to flee into the arms of a strong, comforting, figure of experience and authority then that figure is John McCain. The alternative story is that in uncertain times we need to turn the pages on disastrous policies that have gotten us into our current mess. But Clinton often, from her vote to authorize the war through to a lot of her primary season gambits, seems too invested in the politics of "toughness" to really chart a better course.