Did Paul Berman Oppose the War?

Spencer Ackerman catches Paul Berman trying to convince us that he was against the war in Iraq. Berman, in this incident, tries to chalk up the fact that many people think he supported the war to the fact "that afterward I haven't made a career of running around saying I told you so." Did he tell us so? The answer is that no, he didn't. Indeed, he's been telling us he told us so while simultaneously bragging that he hasn't been telling us so since at least November 2007.

But the record is clear -- Berman didn't tell us so. He supported the war. He offered some caveats, yes, but they were caveats to his argument in favor of the war. Not only that, but as I showed in my earlier post on this subject, Berman was happy to be counted as a war supporter back in 2004 when he still thought that put him on the right side of history.