Debate Wire II

0845: Obama relents; brings up Bill Clinton's pardoning two terrorists.

0844: If it's true that Democrats are fed up with the media and its coverage of these associations/word games/side shows....the backlash against this debate will be very big.

HRC: "I have a lot of baggage."

0842: Obama is very frustrated at the question...compares William Ayers to Sen. Tom Coburn..... 35 minutes or so of unrelenting short punches to Obama's midsection....

0840: William Ayers! ABC is clearly being aggressive here and treating Obama as the frontrunner.

0839: Even Clinton advisers can't believe that ABC asked about wearing the flag on his lapel. Wow indeed.

0838: Video of woman asking why Obama doesn't wear the American flag..... the questions have not been friendly to Obama..... he clearly is not happy with them. He's being forced by ABC to defend his patriotism.

0837: Obama is bogged down here a bit... the format isn't helping.... the questions aren't helping... Obama seems to be chiding the moderators to move beyond the word gotcha games.

0836: Clinton campaign denies that Clinton knows about the pastor of hers who defended Obama -- see here.

0835: Obama hasn't commented on the issue of Bosnia. GS: "Your campaign has." Obama: "Of course."

0834: HRC: "I know too that being able to rely on my experience on having gone to Bosnia...having visited 80 countries...... gives me a tremendous advantage in doing into his campaign..."

Did HRC just call George "Tom?"