Daily Polls: Gallup: Tied at 47. Newsweek: Obama + 7

The Obama campaign doesn't like it when we look at polls because they believe that the media is artifically attempting to prolong a race that should have been over a long time ago. I say that while Obama is still more likely to win the nomination, the polls show organic volatility in the Democratic electorate and doubts about Obama that are not media creations.

Newsweek's national survey shows Barack Obama's lead over Hillary Clinton down from 19 to 7.

One of the more problematic results for Obama was that four in 10 of registered voters (including Republicans and independents) now have an unfavorable opinion of him--and the same number said there is "no chance" they will vote for Obama if he becomes the nominee. Four in 10 registered voters (41 percent) say they have a less favorable opinion of Obama based on his association with his former pastor, Rev. Wright, whose racially and politically inflammatory sermons have been circulated on the Internet and covered in the media. A similar number (42 percent) say they will not vote for Obama because of comments he made about "bitter" small-town residents clinging to guns and religion.

In head-to-heads against McCain, Clinton and Obama have roughly the same leads.

Gallup's daily track shows a 47-47 tie. This track includes results from Wednesday through Friday -- all after Pennsylvania.