HILLARY CLINTON's new Indiana ad is tough. The Obama campaign calls it the "first attack ad" in Indiana. What they really mean is that they think it's demagogic. But these are facts: Clinton supports a gas tax pause and a freeze on foreclosures and Obama doesn't. He's said that both ideas are expedient and potentially harmful. The ad implies that Clinton favors action NOW and Obama does not. Clinton does not do Obama the courtesy of explaining his positions. Generally, you don't do that in political ads. Indeed, it's hard to do that even in a 30 second rebuttal ad, though I suspect that Jim Margolis already has one in the can, probably citing Paul Krugman.

Here's the script.

Hillary Clinton: I'm Hillary Clinton and I approved this message

Announcer: The economy's in trouble.

When the housing crisis broke, Hillary Clinton called for action: a freeze on foreclosures.

Barack Obama said, no.

Now, gas prices are skyrocketing, and she's ready to act again.

Hillary's plan: Use the windfall profits of the oil companies to pay to suspend the gas tax this summer.

Barack Obama says no, again

People are hurting.

It's time for a president who's ready to take action now.

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