Clinton Campaign Denies "Screw 'Em" Comments

Clinton campaign officials deny the reports of three earwitnesses that Sen. Hillary Clinton uttered the words "screw 'em" during an internal discussion about how and whether to reach out to white working class voters in 1995. Howard Wolfson, speaking on Morning Joe this morning, said: "It ain't so. It ain’t so. We were asked about this yesterday. This is not something that occurred." Again, three contemporaneous witnesses, some with solid pro-Clinton credentials, heard it and affirm the context of it. On a conference call this morning, Clinton spokesman Phil Singer told NBC's Andrea Mitchell: "This quote that has gotten some attention late yesterday differs from the recollections of other people who were in the room. They don't remember the comment being made and they don't remember the tone or tenor that is being described. Some people are having one recollection and that's contradicted by other people who were there."