Boren, Nunn Endorse Obama

Two major stars of the Democratic foreign policy establishment -- former Sens. Sam Nunn and David Boren, have just endorsed Barack Obama and have agreed to serve on his national security team. Nunn served as the Democratic Party's coverman in foreign policy debates for two decades. He voted against the 1991 Gulf War and thereby gave many other Democrats permission to take that political risk. He's a social conservative in many respects, too. More recently, Nunn has associated himself with the cause of nuclear nonproliferation. He spent 8 years as chairman of the Armed Services committee in the Senate. Boren left the Senate in 1994 and is a former chairman of what used to be called the Senate Select Committee on intelligence. He also spent 4 years as governor of Oklahoma. In the statements they provided to the Obama campaign, both Nunn and Boren sound Obama-esque notes. Here's Nunn: "Demonizing the opposition, oversimplifying the issues, and dumbing down the political debate prevent our country from coming together to make tough decisions and tackle our biggest challenges." Here's Boren: "“Our most urgent task is to end the divisions in our country, to stop the political bickering, and to unite our talents and efforts. Americans of all persuasions are pleading with our political leaders to bring us together. I believe Senator Obama is sincerely committed to that effort. He has made a non-partisan approach to all issues a top priority." Last summer, Boren held private talks with associates of Mayor Mike Bloomberg about a possible independent presidential bid.

Just asking: who was the latest major figure to endorse Hillary Clinton?