An Update On Republican Rules

The Republican National Committee's rules committee is poised to take action on a proposal to revamp the party's primary calendar. I'll have more on this later, but for now, here's how Saul Anuzis, the chair of the Michigan Republican Party, describes the debate so far:

RNC Rules Committee held its first day of meetings yesterday. National Committeewoman Holly Hughes and I attended and participated on behalf of Michigan.

We moved the Ohio Plan as the base plan for the working meeting. It would create regional, rotating-state primaries. It would allow NH, IA, NV & SC to go first, then some 20+ other small state and territories…followed by 3 larger regional pods that would rotate…Michigan being part of a larger pod.

I believe today’s vote will come down to an amended Ohio Plan to replace our existing rules with the caveat of moving the start date into March. It looks like a toss-up at the break of last night’s meeting, with a lot of lobbying going on from all sides.