A few notes from a garden brunch held at the home of legendary television producer / media consultant Tammy Haddad in Washington today. Haddad holds this event every year the afternoon before the White House Correspondent's Association dinner.

Mrs. Haddad is conducting a "garden poll" of her guests. A white paper ballot has pictures of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John McCain and a write-in. The question is: "Who do you think will be the next president?" I entered the party in front of a former Clinton cabinet secretary who I know to be a very prominent supporter of Mrs. Clinton's. I watched as that cabinet secretary checked "Obama" as the likely next president. (Feeling a bit guilty about watching the private process of marking a ballot, I've elected not to mention the former official's name. More than one former cabinet secretary attended the brunch.) Gov. Charlie Crist and his unusually aggressive Florida Department of Law Enforcement detail greeted guests. I saw Gov. Crist and Michigan DNC member Debbie Dingell share a few words -- about delegates, perhaps?

I was able to snap two rare photographs. One shows Nedra Pickler and Liz Sidoti in conversation. That is a rare occurance; Pickler is the AP's lead reporter covering Barack Obama. Sidoti covers John McCain. Not very often do they get to see each other in person.

And this final photograph is almost Guttenbergian. Terry McAullife, the chairman of Hillary Clinton's campaign, and Mark Penn, now one of several campaign strategists, in the same frame, together. (There has, to say the least, been some tension between the two men.)