Working The Delegates In Texas? (Update)

In Texas, there's this report that Barack Obama's campaign is targeting delegates Hillary Clinton won from the state's precinct caucuses -- and vice versa.

Nearly 90,000 delegates plan to attend the senatorial and county conventions this week; just 10 percent will move on to the state convention, which formally selects the pledged delegates to the Democratic National Convention.

Right now, Obama has a net delegate lead from the caucus portion of the Texas contest of seven. As happened in Iowa, his lead could expand -- or contract.

Local reports indicate that Clinton supporters plan to challenge the credentials of some Obama delegates, but the campaign has dropped its formal objection to the way the party has organized the caucuses.

Here's an imponderable: since the caucus delegates represent the will of the voters in those precincts, doesn't any effort to get them to change their minds after the fact amount to .... well, actually, what's the difference between working the county delegates and then working the pledged delegates?

Update: Turns out that the culprit is the Texas Democratic Party. The delegate lists they forwarded to the campaigns contain many errors on them, so Clinton delegates are receiving Obama mail and Obama delegates are recieving Clinton mail. Indeed, it wouldn't make much sense for Obama to remind Clinton delegates when the conventions are.