Williams Cables Plouffe: Let's Talk About MI and FL

Arlington Center has tapped out a message over the transatlantic cable to Chicago Center, and fortunately for us, it's in the clear. Maggie Williams, the Arlington Rezident , wants to pressure the Chicago Rezident, David Plouffe, to say something about Obama's position vis-a-vis a Florida or Michigan re-vote.

To the extent that both sides hold out hope that Howard Dean will allow some sort of compromise, it just does not seem as if either side knows Howard Dean. He has said that there are only two options: that the delegations take their fight to credentials committee, or that they attempt to vote again, provided that said vote is approved by the DNC's rules and bylaws committee. There are no other alternatives. He did not say: "There are no other alternatives, except for the other other alternative, which is some extra-juridical solution that involves a backroom deal."

On to the cable:

March 12, 2008

David Plouffe

P.O. Box 8102

Obama for America
Chicago, Illinois 60680

Dear David:

The 2008 primary campaign has been a spirited contest that has resulted in record voter turnout. Both of our candidates can proudly boast of bringing new people into the process and energizing our Democratic Party.

With the campaign now entering the final phase of the nominating contest, it is vital that both of our campaigns come together to ensure that the delegations from Florida and Michigan be seated to reflect the will of the voters.

In Florida and Michigan, nearly 2.5 million Americans made their voices heard and participated in primary elections. We think the results of those primaries were fair and should be honored.

Over the last few weeks, there has been much discussion about how to ensure that the Florida and Michigan delegations are seated. We think there are two options: Either honor the results or hold new primary elections.

To that end, we are in active consultation with all of our supporters in Florida, including Members of Congress. In Michigan, we are in active consultation with the committee appointed by Governor Granholm.

We hope that your campaign will join us in our efforts to ensure that these votes are counted.


Maggie Williams
Campaign Manager