What Does "Sought" Mean?

This Sunday, Rev. John Hagee tells the New York Times Magazine that John McCain "sought" his endorsement.

Sought -- as in -- made a courtesy call with lovey-dovey words in it? Wrote letters? "Please, please, pastor Hagee? I need you?" Or was the importuning left to some staffer?

I ask because the lesson of the Hagee affair to many inside and outside McCain's campaign was that McCain really wasn't seeking Hagee's endorsement at the time and had no business showing up with him and was sort of roped into it by a campaign structure that is too lean to allow for sufficient political vetting of spur-of-the-moment ideas suggested by campaign allies.

In other words: the problem was avoidable because there really wasn't a net benefit to Hagee's nod. (Please -- McCain won Texas because of Hagee?)