The Rush Effect

Mark Blumenthal has new data suggesting that Republicans who voted for Clinton in Mississippi were motivated largely by their opposition to Barack Obama.


These Clinton Republicans also expressed very negative views of Barack Obama:

* 91 percent said Clinton is more qualified to be commander in chief; only 3 percent said Obama is more qualified.
* 94 percent said Obama does not inspire them "about the future of the country."
* 89 percent would be dissatisfied if Obama were the Democratic nominee.
* 86 percent said Obama is not "honest and trustworthy."
* 86 percent said Obama has not "offered clear and detailed plans to solve the country's problems."
* 82 percent said Clinton should not pick Obama to be her running mate if she is the nominee.

So the primary motivation of Clinton's Mississippi Republicans may be a desire to stop Barack Obama, although many may be motivated by tactical shenanigans as well.