The Money Chase: Obama Sets A Record

By the numbers, Sen. Barack Obama announced today that he has raised more than $54 million for the primaries from a stunning 727,972 contributors -- fully 385,101 of whom were new. $45 million was raised online; 90% of the donations were $100 or smaller; 50% was $25 or smaller. The campaign says that a third of the new donors also participated in some sort of volunteer activity for the campaign.

Not to be outdone... ok, to be totally outdone, on a private Clinton campaign conference call for 600 of Hillraisers, the candidate waxed effusively about her (less) impressive February totals -- "I don't know how we could have done any of this without your support," she said. Actually, most of it was done without their support. $32 million was raised, of which $30 million came from online sources. Clinton was upbeat. She said she had spoken this morning to the mayor of Philadelphia, Michael Nutter, and looked forward to returning to Pennsylvania, particularly to the Scranton-Wilkes-Barre area.

Jonathan Mantz, Clinton's finance director, urged the donors to reach out to uncommitted superdelegates they knew. He did not say what they should say.

This month, Clinton plans to attend fundraisers in Charlotte, Florida, Caifornia, Chicago, Detroit and Puerto Rico.

During a question and answer session later, a donor suggested to Clinton campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe that retiring Green Bay Packer Bret Favre be contacted to see if would help Sen. Clinton in Mississippi -- his home state.

McAullife said he would check.