The Daily Five: Crazy Like A "Fox" -- Counterintuitive Thoughts

1. "Fox" Fallon really wasn't pushed out.

This is nothing like the case of Gen. Eric Shinseki, the Army chief of staff who had his career cut short by Donald Rumsfeld for telling a Senate committee that a few hundred thousand troops would be needed to impose order in postwar Iraq. Shinseki was offering his professional judgment on a strictly military question—how many troops would be needed to perform a mission—in response to a senator's question. Fallon, by contrast, was challenging the president's policy—and at his own initiative.

Fallon, who is one of the military's finest strategic minds, may well be right. Certainly his views match those of many senior officers. But they are contrary to the president's views, and Fallon knew this. There is much debate within military circles these days over how far, and in what forums, a general or admiral should take his disagreements with political leaders. By most standards, Fallon probably went too far, too publicly. The U.S. Constitution does call for civilian control of the military, and generally, we should be thankful for that.

2. Was Geraldine Ferarro being racist? Racial? Or real?

3. Clinton has momemtum?

4. A same-sex marriage gift for John McCain from Republicans on the SCOCAL? (Is that what it's called? The Supreme Court of California? ScoCal?)

5. Orlando Patterson needs to get out more.