The Coffee Primary

The new wine track / beer track:

Perhaps, but coffee and class have merged into political shorthand as commentators, campaign operatives, and bloggers alike try to make sense of this highly caffeinated campaign season. In several primaries and caucuses, Obama has shown strength among white-collar professionals with a college degree - the so-called "Starbucks Demo crats" - while Clinton has won support from blue-collar workers with a high school degree, dubbed "Dunkin' Donuts Democrats."

The trouble here is that I'm pretty sure the real Starbucks/Dunkin' cleavage in the U.S. is based more on region than on class. Dunkin' Donuts is from New England and you see many more outlets there than you see elsewhere. Conversely, there are only five Dunkin' Donuts in Houston compared to bajillions of Starbuckses.