Spitzer and Limbaugh

Mark Kleiman notes that the "structuring" charges that appear to be Elliot Spitzer's main legal vulnerability were also a problem for Rush Limbaugh back when he was trying to conceal his illegal prescription drug purchases:

But this is a case where consistency is a virtue. Either both Limbaugh and Spitzer should have been prosecuted, or neither. I'd hate to think that politics might intrude into law enforcement decisions made but Bush appointees at DoJ. Wouldn't you?

Good thing the Bush administration would never do anything like that. Hm. I genuinely don't know what standard practice is in these cases, but I do think one would want to avoid drawing the conclusion that if Rush was left off unduly easy, therefore liberals should be let off easy too. Insofar as one motive here was to tarnish Spitzer's reputation and wreck his political career, that seems to have been accomplished already, so at this point I'm not sure how much these decisions matter.