Something to Look Forward To

Via Justin Logan, Philip Weiss attends a Middle East Forum event with former Cheney aide David Wurmser:

What are the 3 things he would tell John McCain if he were his adviser?

“Let me just bluntly answer that. One, abandon the two-state solution statement that we have right now vis a vis the Palestinians. Two—Well, let me start with number one. Number one is an open, publicly expressed regime-change strategy in Iran. Two, an open expressed regime-change strategy in Syria. 3, abandoning the two-state solution policy we’ve had frankly since the 9/11 attacks…”

Fortunately, Wurmser's not the only person who thinks Bush has gotten a little soft since 2006 or so. John Bolton, since leaving office, has criticized Bush along Wurmserish lines for not starting enough new wars. He's also confident that John McCain can get the job done, so a McCain administration should be great.