It seems that the situation in Somalia has completely collapsed. The Washington Post sees insurgents on the march and notes that "on Tuesday, 40 aid groups delivered a statement to the U.N. Security Council, which is discussing Somalia this week, warning of an "impending humanitarian catastrophe." Too bad the United States decided to help provoke this latest round of fighting and anarchy by supporting an Ethiopian invasion of Somalia.

About half of what I know about the Horn of Africa I learned from reading Jeffrey Gettleman articles so I shouldn't be too hard on him, but it was a little odd to read that when the TFG "came here to the capital 15 months ago, backed by thousands of Ethiopian troops, it was widely hailed as the best chance in years to end Somalia’s ceaseless cycles of war, chaos and suffering." Certainly, to me it looked like the best chance to restart Somalia's ceaseless cycles of war, chaos, and suffering and I recall it looked the same to John Judis, to the International Crisis Group, and many others. Meanwhile, in addition to contributing to massive suffering in Somalia we've for no real reason picked a fight with a local Islamist movement that showed no particular sign of wanting to fight the United States.