As I noted yesterday when you get right down to it, John McCain's mortgage "plan" is almost staggering in its callousness. Keeping with the general sentiment on the right that what's needed to rescue the GOP from the depredations of Bushism is a more dogmatic form of rightwingery, McCain basically proposes federal intervention to save giant financial services firms and bupkis for anyone else. As The New York Times correctly points out he's taking on straw men: "No one has ever proposed helping real estate speculators" but at the same time McCain refuses to help out homeowners of any sort he "seemed less concerned about the government helping reckless bankers, endorsing its role in preventing the bankruptcy of Bear Stearns."

The Times endorses Obama's plan as superior to Clinton's, but notes that either Democratic approach would be vastly preferable to what McCain is offering. In these days of bitterness, it's worth recalling that this is the overall pattern on domestic issues. On any given topic, either Clinton or Obama will have a smallish advantage over the other, but either option is much, much better than McCain ignorance and indifference.

Photo by Flickr user Mdiddulph used under a Creative Commons license