Outrages Of The Day

Outrageous! A new feature about the outrages, offensives to dignity, horrible immoralities, and otherwise horrendulosities that keep political partisans up at night.

Outrage number one:

"I am writing because I am very troubled regarding the media's unbalanced reporting on the Presidential election. After days reporting on something Obama's pastor said, you fail to cover an outright lie from Hillary Clinton herself about her trip to Bosnia. See the video link at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOsGo_HWP-c. If it were Obama on video stating he had been under sniper fire and had to run for cover and the welcoming ceremony was cancelled, you not only would be reporting on it aggressively, he'd be out of the race. If you do not report on this as aggressively as you did on Obama's pastor it will prove that you have unbalanced reporting. Please do your job. Thank you.

Just outrageous.

Here's the video:

On a conference call with reporters today, Clinton communications director Howard Wolfson acknowledged that his boss "misspoke."

Outrage number two: Gordon Fischer, former chairman of the Iowa Democratic Party and Obama's Iowa co-chair, called President Clinton's oft-outrageified remarks about Clinton and McCain "a stain on [the former president's] legacy, much worse, much deeper than the one on Monica's blue dress. Fischer apologized today.