Obama Wins Mississippi

So Barack Obama seems to have won Mississippi handily... per the exits polls (thanks CBS News, as always) the racial demographics are pretty stunning when race is the order of the day: Clinton wins whites 70 to 30; Obama wins blacks 90 to 10; the electorate split roughly 50-50. (Clinton wins white men and white men by roughly 70% and 74% respectively). Democrats find Obama more honest and trustworthy, more ready to be commander in chief, more likely to take on John McCain (62% to 34%), and better prepared for the challenges facing the country -- this one by only five points points. McCain has a favorable rating of 37% among MS Dem voters.

The rift in the party widens: Obama voters by and large would NOT be satisfied (55%) with Clinton as their nominee, while 7 and ten Clinton voters would NOT be satisfied (72%) with Obama as theirs.