Obama Can't Win The General?

They let Mark Penn out to speak and... this happens.

The USA Today link includes two minutes worth of audio, so you can make up your mind about the context.

Of course Obama can win the general election; it's illogical to generalize from the vote totals alone, as I and others have pointed out. Yes, Obama's Gary Hart-Jesse Jackson coalition is untested in modern general elections, but we live in hyperpartisan times, Democrats have an enormous partisan identification identification advantage, and Democrats are much more enthusiastic about their candidate than Republicans are. There's just no way to justify Penn's assertion from reading a poll.

It is worth pointing out that several polls suggest that Obama may lose white working class voters, especially men, to John McCain. That's something to keep an eye on. But it's not a reason to pre-emptively declare that he can't win the general election.

Incidentally, there are several conversations at once.

Penn is talking to reporters and superdelegates.

Clinton and Obama are talking to voters and superdelegates.

Republicans -- those folks who are playing the Jeremiah Wright sermons -- are talking to their activists.