Obama Camp Challenges Clinton On Electability

Still haven't come up with a better word for electability -- sorry. Maybe y'all can help. Anyway, there are numerous cables flying today between the campaigns. First, the Obamagon is challenging the Clintogan on its oft-cited claim she's won the big states and the big Democratic states and thereby is better suited to represent the Democratic states in the general election.

A word about these arguments. They are a bit illogical. What matters more than who wins a state in a primary is what type of coalition butresses said winner. With the exception of Virginia and Wisconsin, Obama has failed to attract a large number of white, working class Democrats. Clinton has failed to attract blacks, young voters, affluent voters and educated voters.


Obama's campaign is on more solid ground when they contend that Obama does better than Clinton in general election matchups in key states -- they claim, but do note cite, polls show showing Obama beating Clinton's margin in California, New York, New Jersey and Ohio.

Update: here are the polls the Obama campaign was referring to:

California: Survey USA – Feb 15-17th [Though, full disclosure, our memo has a typo and says Obama does 10 points better against McCain – when he actually does 4 points better.]

New York: Survey USA – Feb 15-17th

Ohio: Ohio Poll/U of Cincinnati – Feb 21-24th

New Jersey: Fairleigh-Dickinson University’s Public Mind Poll – Feb 18-24th