North Carolina Bound

In conference calls this morning and afternoon, Barack Obama's campaign chieftains claimed that Obama would be quite competitive in the general election in North Carolina. That pricked the ears of the Republican National Committee.

Alex Conant, a spokesman there, wanted to get this response on the record: "the Senate’s ‘most liberal’ member is not going to win a state Republicans carried by double digits in the last two cycles and haven’t lost since voters wore bell-bottoms.”

True, John Edwards said he'd help deliver the state for John Kerry in 2004; Bush won it by 12 points that year; by 14 points in '00, and Jimmy Carter was the last Democrat to win there.

But the state is-a-changin'. The counties around Raleigh, Durham and Fayetteville are growing very fast, and suburbs like Clayton and Holly Springs might, under the right circumstances, vote for the right Democrat.