Did James Carville really compare Bill Richardson to Judas? Why, yes, it seems that he did! Maybe the Clinton camp's inner circle has just totally lost touch with reality and they really think that sort of thing is appropriate. The mindset seems a little bizarre, though. When Richardson accepted the appointment as U.N. Ambassador from Bill Clinton was he supposed to take it for granted that that constituted an implicit promise to endorse Clinton's wife's presidential campaign years in the future? That he'd signed-on for lifetime service to the House of Clinton?

Meanwhile, consider the reverse proposition -- if Clinton's key backers believed the things they're saying about the need for experience then why weren't they supporting Richardson's presidential campaign? He played a more substantive role in the Clinton administration than she did. Plus he had more years in congress and six years as governor. He's just the "former members of the Clinton administration who currently holds statewide office" who happens to have the wrong last name.

UPDATE: Of course from a Christian perspective, there's also a wee problem with comparing Hillary to Jesus.