More Democrats Have Voted For XXXX Than ...

CBS News's popular vote tally has Obama leading, but NBC** and ABC have Clinton leading. As in -- more Democrats, independents and Republicans, in the estimation of at least two news networks, have voted for Clinton than have voted for Obama, to this point.

Yes, I should have written down the numbers as I watched the news tonight, but I didn't. Sorry.

Anyway, popular votes do not decide nominations, but they do raise provocative questions about the depth of support of nominee presumptives.

And if superdelegates are supposed to follow of the will of the people as expressed in these primaries and caucuses....ok, that's a cheap shot. Point is -- Obama has a sizable delegate lead. I'll say that until it's no longer true, if it ever becomes untrue. But even with the nomination in hand, there are political realities to having won the nomination by having essentially tied with your opponent.

** NBC's tallies include Michigan.