Minority Report: Another Post On The Credentials Committee

So help me, but here is an abbreviated summary of a very, very complex process:

So the Democratic National Convention's credentials committee does not exist in its most basic form -- the 25 Howard Dean appointees -- until June 29.

Before June 29, any appeals from Florida, Michigan, Al Gore, Terry McAuliffe or Bill Nelson would be shunted to the DNC's rules and bylaws committee (RBC).

Any RBC rulings could be appealed to the full credentials committee, which would probably consider the appeal at some point in July.

I've been schooled on the virtue of minority reports. I am not a precog, despite my frequent, albeit heavily qualified projections on this blog, and so I will no longer attempt to predict what will happen to Hillary Clinton's beloved delegates in Florida.

Because 20% of the credentials committee can affix their signatures to a minority resolution, there is a fair chance (that's a qualified conjecture) that the entire Democratic National Convention will get a chance to seat the Florida and Michigan delegation in some capacity. In this scenario, there will be, of course, a majority report that urges against such a seating.

Minority reports are rare, though, and tend to be associated with platform challenges.