Michigan Primary Law: What The Ruling Does Not Do

Judge Nancy Edmonds's ruling DOES NOT order a new primary. She writes that the "the court agrees the issue of severability is beyond the scope of the claims." In other words: the parties themselves ought to figure out whether they need new primaries or not.

Here's the ruling.

I see this is as a small political victory for Clinton and a larger one for Obama; the ruling today means nothing more than a chance for her to make the case again for a re-vote, as campaign manager Maggie Williams does in an e-mail to reporters:

"In the wake of today's court ruling regarding Michigan’s January 15th primary, we urge Senator Obama to join our call for a party-run primary and demonstrate his commitment to counting Michigan's votes."

An Obama aide said the ruling speaks for itself. They avoided the worst: where the Clinton campaign had hoped that the judge would order a revote as the remedy, she simply ordered the state party to share its lists. Since the legislature is no longer in session, the notion of a re-vote is moot at this point, anyway.