McCain v. McCain

The Democrats this fall, knowing that John McCain is still very popular with independents who think he is independent and a truth teller, and, most of all, a resilient man, will seek to portray him as the opposite: beholden to whichever partner he is bringing to the dance.

That's the idea behind this new website from the DNC

It's called McCain Debates.

The turn is: he's debating himself.

Example, from the DNC:

ROUND 1: Do you think Saddam is a threat?

"I believe that Saddam Hussein presents clear and present danger to the United States of America with his continued pursuit acquire weapons of mass destruction." [CNN Late Edition, 3/3/02]


"I never said that it was a, quote, clear and present danger because of weapons of mass destruction." [Hardball, 9/17/03]

Those ellipses are suspect....I admit.

Hey -- and here's a subject for another "debate."

Was John McCain on the verge of changing his party affiliation or joining John Kerry's ticket in 2004? He says never. The historical record is murky.