Losing Ground

More evidence that the Clinton campaign's desperate flailing to find some way to overturn the outcome of the primary process is causing her to lose ground. Here's Eli Sanders in The Stranger out in Seattle:

Karina Putnam-Kaminsky, a manager at a downtown Seattle restaurant, is fed up. She was elected as a Clinton delegate at the Washington State caucuses on February 9 but says she's become so frustrated with Clinton's win-at-all-costs-and-despite-all-odds approach that she's going to switch her support to Obama when the Legislative District caucuses take place on April 5.

"It's highly unlikely that Clinton will get the nomination," Putnam-Kaminsky said. She went on to criticize the "wild, crazy, incendiary claims" that have been coming from the Clinton camp in recent weeks and said the "final straw" was Clinton's push to get the results of Florida and Michigan's rule-violating primaries to be counted. "It seemed kind of desperate," Putnam-Kaminsky said.

This probably won't make a huge difference in the end, but the number of people who actually understand what the Clinton victory scenario entails and still want it to happen is pretty tiny. After all, most Democratic activists, whether or not they like Hillary Clinton, don't want to see the party burned down for her sake.