I Hear John McCain's an American

There are no coincidences in something like a presidential campaign ad, so, no, I don't think it's reading too much into things to think that John McCain claiming to be "the American president Americans have been waiting for" is designed to imply that a certain opponent might be less-than-fully American.

Given what a mess the Republicans have made of things, it'll be mighty hard to actually argue on the merits that a souped-up Bushism is what the country needs to improve its national security but the foreign policy hawk can always take refuge in the idea that we have a patriotic obligation to follow an all-war, all-the-time course no matter what the results. Mix in Barack Obama's funny name, and the stage is set for the conservative critique of Obama as allegedly "post-American." Note that it's not just the tag line of McCain's ad -- the whole focus is on the idea that McCain really thinks America is a swell place and Americans are awesome people. Sure, he wants to bankrupt those people and get their kids killed in senseless wars, but he really likes 'em! Not like that whatsisname the Democrats are running.