Florida's Delegation: What Now?

For the superdelegates, the Ausman Challenge.

For the rest... in staccato format...

(a) A fight at the rules and bylaws committee meeting in April... the RBC does not, as of today, have a meeting scheduled for April. But I suspect that the Florida Democratic Party will formally file a challenge and will request an RBC meeting in April...

(b) the RBC, which has veteran DNC rule sticklers as well as Clinton and Obama partisans on it, may well debate and rule, or may table the petition until July, when jurisdiction is taken over by the credentials committee.

(c) A negotiated settlement is not likely -- at least formally -- because there is no mechanism for it. The only mechanism for seating delegates is through (a) DNC sanctioned re-votes or (b) RBC/credentials committee resolutions adopted at the conventions. If not A then B. If not A or B, then the delegations will not be seated. Process "B" will play out.

Very senior aides to Hillary Clinton are not in a compromising mood. The Obama campaign may float a 52-48% delegate compromise... we'll see.

The only other folks who are floating the idea for a compromise are DNC members and members of Congress who want their delegates seated.

But a compromise would have to be iron out through the rules / credentials process.

Howard Dean cannot wave his magic wand and deem it so.