Contesting Wyoming

I'd been assuming that Hillary Clinton wasn't going to contest Wyoming, on the grounds that caucus states, red states, and all-white states normally don't count, but it seems she's in it to win it according to Politico:

Now she has five staffers on the ground in Wyoming, where caucuses take place Saturday and where 18 delegates are at stake. Bill Clinton will make three stops there Thursday, and local supporters are trying to arrange a visit from the candidate herself Friday, said Kathy Karpan, a former Democratic candidate for Wyoming governor who is one of Clinton’s leading supporters in the state.

“I think we can win,” Karpan said, citing “the connection that the Clintons have with people in our state,” a network of support built during their White House years, when they vacationed at Jackson Hole.

Interesting. I think everyone's mentally pencilled Wyoming in as an Obama state, but of course there's been no polling there nor was there in the other Wyoming-esque states that Obama won earlier in the cycle. Nobody really knows what such innovations as staff and candidate visits might be able to do for Clinton's fortunes.