By Voice Alone

There's a lot of buzz about whether or not Elliot Spitzer will resign, but I'm not sure I understand how he can avoid arrest. They've got him on a wiretap, don't they? Surely there's no "it's not a crime if you're a high-profile governor" exemption to the Mann Act. I like Elliot Spitzer, and his high-stakes brinksmanship with Joseph Bruno seems to be paying some dividends, but the law's the law, isn't it? Meanwhile, I can't say I know much about David Paterson but he seems solid enough -- there's no particular reason liberals need to defend Spitzer's hold on office.

UPDATE: Also why did Spitzer need a New York hooker to come down to DC? If he'd just thought to call Andray Blatche (or, perhaps, Duke Cunningham) for a recommendation, the whole thing could have been avoided.