Beheadings in Somalia

Eric Martin:

Abu Mook reminds me that it's about time to check in, again, on our Horn of Africa Champion du jour, the brutal Zenawi regime in Ethiopia. Regular readers may recall that in December of 2006, a bevy of conservative pundits were singing the praises of the Ethiopian approach to warfare during its US-backed invasion of neighboring Somalia. This armchair Clausewitz set was asserting, emphatically, that Ethiopia's unchecked brutality, disregard for human rights and contempt for critical media coverage would lead to the swift eradication of any insurgency that might erupt in vanquished Somalia.

This all by way of noting that, fifteen months after the initial US-backed Ethiopian invasion, the Somali insurgency has progressed beyond the roadside bomb phase into the beheadings phase. Long story short, unchecked brutality doesn't work, and our Horn of Africa policy has given the forces of jihad have a new training ground.