Are You Okay With What You've Got?

Sunni militias going on strike, feeling miffed that they're not still getting the love they feel they deserve:

But dozens of phone calls to Sahwa leaders reveal bitterness and anger. "We know the Americans are using us to do their dirty work and kill off the resistance for them and then we get nothing for it," said Abu Abdul-Aziz, the head of the council in Abu Ghraib, where 500 men have already quit.

"The Americans got what they wanted. We purged al-Qaida for them and now people are saying why should we have any more deaths for the Americans. They have given us nothing."

There's no way for the U.S. to build a coherent strategy in Iraq without there being a coherent, genuinely national, Iraqi political movement for us to get behind. In the absence of such a genuinely national movement you can't build from localized successes to national ones and anything you accomplish will eventually be undermined.