Appreciating the Obvious

In the wake of Boston's fairly comfortable win over the Detroit Pistons it's perhaps time to revisit the obvious point that this is a really good basketball team. Kevin Garnett has consistently been one of the top players in the league, and now for the first time ever he's playing alongside another legitimately great player in Paul Pierce. Ray Allen's not really the force he once was, but he's no slouch, either. And contrary to how things looked over the offseason, Boston's now got reasonable depth. Rajon Rondo is pretty good and Kendrick Perkins is good enough. Add on to that Glen Davis, Eddie House, James Posey and now P.J. Brown and Sam Cassell off the bench, and you've got a really great basketball team.

I kind of lost sight of the Celtics because they fell off their seventy win pace and then there were blockbuster trades out west, but the slip was driven by injuries. When healthy, I see every reason to think they'll win the championship.

Photo by Flickr user The Mike Lee used under a Creative Commons license