Another Senior Staff Departure In Hillary Land

Jessica O'Connell, the national director of operations, responsible for personnel management, staff deployment and headquarters operations, has decided to step down. She joins a raft of Patti Solis Doyle loyalists, ranging from wonderkind Adam Parkhomenko to deputy manager Mike Henry, who have departed in recent weeks.

Here is O'Connell's resignation letter.

I am writing to share with you that I will be leaving the campaign effective Friday, March 21. I remain awed by the Senator's energy, passion, leadership on the issues, and courage. Senator Clinton will continue to have my full support and admiration. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have worked directly with so many dedicated and talented colleagues in Virginia and throughout the country. No matter what your role, whether you have been with the campaign for days or from the beginning, let there be no doubt that you are making history and helping to change the world.

I will work closely this week with Maggie to ensure that you will be updated on who is handling various tasks from the National office and how to contact them. We have strong teams in place to manage the logistics of getting people where they need to be and offices up and running around the country. At the National HQ, the operations team will continue to ensure that things run smoothly. Of course, if you are in Ballston, I cannot guarantee that you will not be too hot or too cold on any given day - and I will miss the flurry of creative emails I receive on the topic.

Thank you for your friendship and support. This has been a life-changing experience and I am grateful to those who gave me the opportunity to be a part of this remarkable effort.

O'Connell's resignation should not be interpreted as a sign of chaos in Hillayland. It's just that Williams's management style is very different than Solis Doyle's.